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    Call me Westenra. I am the woman in white. Who writes. This blog will tell the story of my adventures while being an adventure itself. How very meta.

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my kingdom for a shower

Posted by Westenra on October 13, 2008

I am such a baby.

This was evidenced today when I had to spend 4 hours without water. Someone in one of the other apartments is doing work on her kitchen, so the water had to get shut off for a bit. We were warned in advance, she was totally nice about, no problems there. But–

I woke up and I couldn’t take a shower.

I knew this was going to happen. Like, logically, in my brain, I knew this would happen. No water in Westenra’s apartment = no shower for Westenra. Yes. Got it.

But the reality of the situation did not hit me until I couldn’t take a shower. And what I totally wasn’t expecting was what a wrench this would throw in my day. I was rendered incapable of action. Being dirty (and my hair gets icky if it isn’t washed) just totally prevented me from doing anything else. No jobhunting, no writing, no going to the store two blocks away to get food. Yes, that’s right, because I couldn’t shower I sat around being hungry for the first half of the day. This was not due to any vanity on my part, no “don’t want to be seen by the corner grocer without being clean” thing, no. It was because I couldn’t bear the idea of putting on clothes while feeling icky.

So basically I sat around dirty and hungry until the water was turned back on.

And now, washed, clothed, and fed, I am read to begin my day.

It is 3:30pm.

Obviously I am going to accomplish a lot today.


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random bits of my lazy sunday

Posted by Westenra on October 12, 2008

Wrote almost 2000 words yesterday in one of my WIPs. I do love my characters when they behave the way they are supposed to and surprise me, at the same time.


I impulse-pierced my snug a couple of weeks ago–for those who don’t know, it’s an ear piercing, a big chunk of cartilage kinda in the back. But now I’m regretting it. I mean, I’ve been regretting it; never have I had a piercing hurt this much. My body usually takes really well to piercings, so the swelling and pain associated with this one has been surprising and unwelcome. But more than that I just don’t think I like the way it looks. I made the mistake of getting it in the same ear as my anti-tragus (er, another cartilage piercing, closer to the front), and they really just don’t look good together. I’ve been told that it looks “fine,” but it bothers me. However, since I’ve gone to all the trouble and pain so far, I feel like I should just leave it in. But–argh. Ugh. What to do, what to do.

This is why I will probably never get a tattoo.


I’ve been using the OpenID thingummy to comment on people’s blogger blogs, but, maybe I don’t understand how this is supposed to work, but it keeps posting me as “womaninwhite” because that is my url, even though my NAME is Westenra. sooo. bah humbug to that. So if anyone’s confused about who I am, that’s what’s going on.


The cat has gotten into the catnip again. Oh dear.


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Cthulhu Who?

Posted by Westenra on October 11, 2008

Apparently I need to read H.P. Lovecraft. I never have, and someone in one of my forums posted a picture of Cthulhu–

–and I was like, “who and/or what the fuck is that?” and then I got lectured. But nicely. :)

I have a long list of books/authors I need to read. Classics in the sci-fi/fantasy genre that I just haven’t gotten around to yet. Dune, for one. Apparently H.P. Lovecraft, for another.

Sooooo, which of his books should I read? Like, what’s the first? or the best? Anyone? Help me out? Or just weigh in on Lovecraft in general.

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Let’s Hear it for Connecticut

Posted by Westenra on October 10, 2008

Hip hip, huzzah! Connecticut becomes the 3rd state to allow same-sex marriage. Good job, CT Supreme Court!

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Confession: I Want to be Paris Hilton’s New BFF

Posted by Westenra on October 10, 2008

So I realize this might be a huge blow to my street cred, but I seriously love this show. For those of you who don’t watch it (the “uncool,” I like to call you), basically, it’s like The Bachelor except your aim is to be Paris Hilton’s new BFF instead of a trophy wife. She sets challenges like “can you party as long as Paris AND be presentable enough to meet her mother the next day?” and makes the wannabes play polo by riding around on half-naked men. Quality television, that.

But anyway, it leaves me with an overwhelming desire to be Paris’s new BFF.

Not on the show. Oh god.

No, I want to be her actual BFF, because the way she is treating these poor starry-eyed schmucks is hiLARious and actually quite clever and manipulative and horrible and I would love to be a part of it. Hey, these people signed up for this game, they’re so enamored of Paris they’re willing to do anything she tells them. Paris is just playing with them, and they either can’t tell or are doing the “thank you sir may I have another” thing–I mean, hell, she has a weekly “Pet” and whoever is made Pet is so happy to earn that degrading position. I mean seriously. Paris is so evil and the wannabes are so dumb. It’s great.

Yes, I *am* a bad person, why do you ask?

So this is me shouting out to Paris, wherever she may be: if you need a partner in crime, give me a call.

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Goals? Whowhatnow?

Posted by Westenra on October 9, 2008

So I was discussing this project with some friends of mine, the whole publishing fiction online-on-blog thing, and whether it’s a good/bad idea, and one of them said it really depends what your goals are. And I realized: I don’t have goals for this. So I thought I’d figure out what my goals ARE and write a post about them. So here we go.

(I warn you in advance: this post is going to ramble. Mostly I am writing it for me, because I think best by writing. But I do want you to keep reading anyway. It will give you insight into my psyche. Partly because apparently it is going to take the form of a conversation between me and some inner critic. I think her name is Sheila. Who knew?)

Goal 1: To have people read my fiction.

Why? For feedback, should anyone care to give it. I guess. Why do you want an audience for your unpolished writing? Cuz that’s what it’s going to be. Unpolished. Well, I need to get over my fear of publishing, because that fear is keeping me from finishing, so this is getting me around that. If I publish before I’m finished, fear of publishing won’t prevent me from finishing, right? Sure, honey. And how are you going to get people to read your fiction instead of someone else’s? Uhhh… write well? Publicize the blog the same way I’ve published my previous blogs, draw in readers… blah blah. I don’t know stop asking me hard questions!

Goal 2: Create an online space in which I can be a Writer.

So what was wrong with the previous online spaces you had going on, Westenra? I don’t know. I just felt like I wanted to start with a clean slate, start again so nobody would have any preconceptions about me or my writing. Frankly some of the friends and people reading my other blog would hate my writing. Somehow I feel like that would equate to hating me. So when readers here critique you you’re going to take it personally, is that what you’re saying? I’m going to try not to, but I make no promises. The difference is the readers here aren’t my mother and my coworkers and my best friends. Anonymity for the win.

Goal 3: Meet other writers who are like me.

There’s nobody quite like you, Westie. Uhm, thanks, Sheila. I mean other writers who are more interested in the craft, in the writing, than in producing the next Stephen King bestseller. Other writers who are doing it for love and not money.

Wow. That helped a lot. My brain is a lot clearer now on what I want out of this blog. I am ready to go forth and conquer the world!

*charges out of the room*

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Song of the Day: 99 Luftballons

Posted by Westenra on October 9, 2008

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my own November challenge

Posted by Westenra on October 9, 2008

Scroll down slightly and you’ll see the post on why I don’t participate in NaNo. “I don’t write like that,” or some such artistic-soul hooey.

However, I’m going to give myself my own November Writing Challenge. A structure challenge. Because I need to get some structure in my writing or I’m going to just flail helplessly as the waters of failure close over my head. (that was an example of my artistic soul in action.)

See, I have this problem where I don’t write. I mean, I spend basically all day on my computer, and I’m totally unemployed, but I don’t really get much writing done. So what the fuck am I doing? I dunno. Internet stuff. I have a couple of blogs going on, a couple of forums/message boards where I like to hang out. Also there’s almost always an episode of Law and Order on tv, or NCIS. So much to do, so little time!

But I need to write. That’s the one thing ALL good writers have in common: they write.

My writing tends to come in waves. I’m one of those “when the muse strikes” writers. And when I’m on I’m on. I’ve written as much as 12k in one weekend. But when I’m not on, I’m… off. (this is an example of my artistic soul failing me.) And that’s just not acceptable.

So I need to structure myself somehow. I’m trying to decide between daily word minimums, daily time chunks, or some other method of writing management. I’m thinking I’ll try some various methods out over the next couple weeks, then choose one to commit to for November.

Because, all the writing I have to do, I need to make a plan if it’s going to get done.

So this is me planning.

Well, planning to plan.

If, perchance, you have any writing-time management ideas I should consider, let me know!

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wtf, Fox.

Posted by Westenra on October 8, 2008

Fox has shown repeatedly that they don’t know what to do with good television. As if canceling Firefly isn’t bad enough, now they are remaking Absolutely Fabulous.


Have to hand it to Fox, I never thought “remake” and “Absolutely Fabulous” would appear in the same sentence. Good job guys. Only you.

By which I mean, I may have to shoot you.

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on NaNoWriMo

Posted by Westenra on October 8, 2008

That’s National Novel Writing Month, in case you’ve been living under a rock/ aren’t a writer. Hey, it’s apparently their 10th anniversary. Who knew?

Anyway, the basic premise is that you take one month–November–and write a novel. The goal is 50k words. Forget about editing, forget about how good it is supposed to be, just brain vomit onto the page for 31 days straight. It’s supposed to be a good exercise, a good release of inhibitions, generally all around good for writers.


I’ve never participated. I first heard about it in college, when I walked past dorm doors that had various NaNo signs taped to them. My reaction was basically, “huh?” and then I googled it and went, “huh,” again, but without the question mark. I admit to feeling slightly superior at first–one month for writing a novel? my entire life is novel-writing. Psh.

I am over that now (while I am still superior to the rest of humanity, I am much less superior than I thought I was as a freshman in college). But I still don’t think NaNo is right for me.

Currently, it would just be a logistical nightmare. I’m working on two novels and the stories for tWiW. Add on another 2k words a day and–I just wouldn’t do it. So then I would just fail, and then I would be sad. Sad = bad.

But it’s also not the way I write. I can’t do that “brain vomit don’t think about it” kind of writing. Even the stories for tWiW, written possibly the night before I post them, are going to be gone over a couple of times, words are going to be deleted, paragraphs are going to be moved. It’s the way I write. My word docs are kind of like amorphous blobs. I mean, publishing as I’m writing is going to necessitate a slight change to the system, but basically I can’t help but edit as I write.

“Well that’s the point of NaNo,” I hear you say. “To get rid of that self-editor.”

Yeah, but I like that self-editor. I should probably give him a name. Alvin. Like the chipmunk. Me and Alvin, we get along great. And I just don’t think NaNo would make me happy. And really, that’s what writing is about for me: happiness.

So those are my ramblings on NaNoWriMo.

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