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    Call me Westenra. I am the woman in white. Who writes. This blog will tell the story of my adventures while being an adventure itself. How very meta.

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Westenra

Posted by Westenra on October 6, 2008

I now officially have enough ‘W’s on this page to capsize a small boat. But nevermind.

Welcome! This is the first day of the rest of my life.

I’ve blogged before (couple years now, kinda lost track) but I’m beginning again with a new nom de plume, because this blog has a new purpose. I want to write about writing, which I’ve done before, and write about me, which I’ve done before, and write. My intention is for this blog to be a mish-mash of fiction and non-fiction as I hone my writing to a sharp and dangerous point. Bwa ha.

I am not telling anyone about this blog, not my RL friends or my other blogging buddies–I truly want to start fresh. This means my blog traffic is going to be low. Possibly non-existent. Whatevs. Hello, void! However, if you’ve managed to stumble upon me, however you’ve managed to stumble upon me, I’m glad you did and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Comments are always welcome. =)


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