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the second debate

Posted by Westenra on October 7, 2008

I’m going to be writing this sporadically as the debate is in progress. It will be posted at the end of the proceedings. It’s gonna be kind of hodge-podgy, just to warn you. And I so don’t have a sharp, hard-hitting political mind, so we’re going to focus on things like…makeup.

Watching the presidential debates in HD is really an enlightening experience. Who KNEW the pundits wore so much makeup?

I missed the first presidential debate (okay, I may have been watching Law and Order) but I saw the VP one a couple days ago and I would just like to say this: if anyone WINKS tonight, they lose my vote. Hands down, end of story.

Ahhhh Soledad and her focus group and the “perception analyzer” and the squiggly lines. Got to love CNN.

Whoooa did McCain just look at Obama? He becomes a better person by the minute!

“We are not rifle shots here, we are Americans.”

Whoa hey, the candidates are not paying attention to the timers and the clocks? Color me shocked. Shocked, I say.

Did McCain just call Obama “that one?” WTF.

I would like McCain to stop calling me his friend. I am not his friend. That is probably obvious by now.

Okay it’s over.

It was kind of boring, I have to say. I don’t really see the point of debates anymore… Like, everyone keeps talking about how boring and ineffective the debates are, and I just don’t see what they’re expecting.

Okay. I’ll try to be more interesting tomorrow.


One Response to “the second debate”

  1. Maxie said

    I thought the debate was pretty boring too– at the point I really don’t know how anyone can be legitimately undecided.

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