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    Call me Westenra. I am the woman in white. Who writes. This blog will tell the story of my adventures while being an adventure itself. How very meta.

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bubblings and percolations

Posted by Westenra on October 8, 2008

Okay, since part of the point of this blog is to post fiction, I need to figure out what fiction I’m going to post. This means figuring out what fiction I’m going to write.

Oh yes, I haven’t written anything for tWiW yet, or at least not much. You’re going to get everything fresh.

I mean, I am writing. I have some novels in progress. (You don’t get those.) And I have the beginnings of some stories for here. But barely.

What do I know so far? Probably everything’s going to be episodic, à la Dickens or Wilkie Collins or those other Victorians. Ooohhh, I could do something epistolary. (ie, letters, another favorite among Victorians.) There will be few stand-alone short stories. I think. It’ll be easier for everyone if I split things up into at least two or three parts. Easier to write, easier and quicker for you to read.

This, by the way, is an example of me rambling.

Where was I? Okay. So structurally I know what I’m doing. So now what about the stories?

Like I said, I have a few things I’m working on. A dark vampire story, and another thing that’s just a jumble. At this point it could be light, it could be dark, it could be first-person, it could be third-person, it could be harsh, it could be soft. Over the past twenty-four hours, it has been all of the above. I can’t figure out what fits. I can’t figure out what I’m trying to do. I really just have the concept, the space. Hm.

So we’ll probably be starting with the vampire.


I like Agnes. I hope you do too. What’s today? Wednesday? What say we start Agnes’s story on… Friday? Is that good for you? Excellent.

And please note: My fiction is NOT rated PG. This will probably be your only warning. =)


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