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my kingdom for a shower

Posted by Westenra on October 13, 2008

I am such a baby.

This was evidenced today when I had to spend 4 hours without water. Someone in one of the other apartments is doing work on her kitchen, so the water had to get shut off for a bit. We were warned in advance, she was totally nice about, no problems there. But–

I woke up and I couldn’t take a shower.

I knew this was going to happen. Like, logically, in my brain, I knew this would happen. No water in Westenra’s apartment = no shower for Westenra. Yes. Got it.

But the reality of the situation did not hit me until I couldn’t take a shower. And what I totally wasn’t expecting was what a wrench this would throw in my day. I was rendered incapable of action. Being dirty (and my hair gets icky if it isn’t washed) just totally prevented me from doing anything else. No jobhunting, no writing, no going to the store two blocks away to get food. Yes, that’s right, because I couldn’t shower I sat around being hungry for the first half of the day. This was not due to any vanity on my part, no “don’t want to be seen by the corner grocer without being clean” thing, no. It was because I couldn’t bear the idea of putting on clothes while feeling icky.

So basically I sat around dirty and hungry until the water was turned back on.

And now, washed, clothed, and fed, I am read to begin my day.

It is 3:30pm.

Obviously I am going to accomplish a lot today.


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