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my own November challenge

Posted by Westenra on October 9, 2008

Scroll down slightly and you’ll see the post on why I don’t participate in NaNo. “I don’t write like that,” or some such artistic-soul hooey.

However, I’m going to give myself my own November Writing Challenge. A structure challenge. Because I need to get some structure in my writing or I’m going to just flail helplessly as the waters of failure close over my head. (that was an example of my artistic soul in action.)

See, I have this problem where I don’t write. I mean, I spend basically all day on my computer, and I’m totally unemployed, but I don’t really get much writing done. So what the fuck am I doing? I dunno. Internet stuff. I have a couple of blogs going on, a couple of forums/message boards where I like to hang out. Also there’s almost always an episode of Law and Order on tv, or NCIS. So much to do, so little time!

But I need to write. That’s the one thing ALL good writers have in common: they write.

My writing tends to come in waves. I’m one of those “when the muse strikes” writers. And when I’m on I’m on. I’ve written as much as 12k in one weekend. But when I’m not on, I’m… off. (this is an example of my artistic soul failing me.) And that’s just not acceptable.

So I need to structure myself somehow. I’m trying to decide between daily word minimums, daily time chunks, or some other method of writing management. I’m thinking I’ll try some various methods out over the next couple weeks, then choose one to commit to for November.

Because, all the writing I have to do, I need to make a plan if it’s going to get done.

So this is me planning.

Well, planning to plan.

If, perchance, you have any writing-time management ideas I should consider, let me know!


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